ChinaNet, the biggest network operator in China, is seeking a way to reutilize thirty million public phone booths on the street. 

Combining with information technology and citizens' needs, I came up with two solutions that bring the phone booths back to life. 

Development priority zones in Shanghai

First aid station

Sadly, 2 AED devices are shared by 1 million people in China, compared to 3,000 in the U.S. There's a huge market gap with AED devices. 

Two features of AED are 1) separately locates in the city and 2) Easy for citizens to reach. 
Combined with the features of AED, it is perfect to design the phone booth as a mini first aid station.

Information transit booth

The government in Shanghai is now trying to build a digital city.

The first step will be collecting information around the city, including environment, air quality, noise, etc. The next step will be providing a channel for citizens to get this kind of information. For example, for tourists to know the city better by offering HD maps and cultural information. 
The information booth is designed to fulfill the vision of a digital city.

Physical Models
Jan 2019 - May 2019
Shihui Ruan in Donghua University

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