When my parents and I go on road trips, something frustrating might happen, which might even disable us from finishing the whole tour. On the one hand, our schedule is hard to align. We need to make arrangements based on each other’s spare time. As a result, even if we want to go for traveling, we might finally fail to make it. On the other hand, it is nearly impossible for us to enjoy the scenery on the way together for we have to take turns to drive, though the scenery is gorgeous on the way. Consequently, we are all worn-out at the end of our tour. ​​



Huge market space

About 3.2 billion tourists join self-driving tour in China. Per capita consumption is 938 RMB, and market size reach 3 billion. Traveling by car is the general trend in future.

Limited companion

The proportion of backpack tour in domestic tourism is 93%. And about 80% of tourists choose to go out with their families. The choice is quite limited.

Lack of supplementary services

When tourists travel in isolated areas or in complicated road condition, the professional guide, wireless communication devices and emergency medical services are necessary.

Drivers get tired easily

Due to the tension of journey and boredom on the road, drivers get tried easily. By using car following model, we could reduce the pressure of drivers.


Basic statistics

The majority of tourists are between 21-40 years old.

Nearly all of travelers(95%) choose backpacking trips instead of guided tours.

Seventy-five percent of travelers would consider a plan for a seven-day vacation.

The majority of tourists are between 21-40 years old.

Bummers before setting out

Considerations during planning


People tend to check the weather when they are planning a trip.

Nearly half of travelers care about the public security situation of destination.

Most of travelers would consider the distance of travel first when it refers to self-driving trip.

Seventy percent of travelers would consider the condition of rode before they set out.

Budget is an important factor as well.






Driving experience

Current situations

-- Report on consumer behavior of self-driving, 2016-2017

--China Tourism Academy,(2016). Report on china self-driving market


People prefer to search on Google or some tourism website for trip imformation.

Almost all of the travelers only traveled with their families in the past year.

About half of drivers drive a car less than 5 years. They are still novice on the road.


In China, arrangement of a road trip might encounter the following problems, such as chaotic sources of information, failure to find suitable companions, lack of driving experience, lack of knowledge to handle the emergency, etc. 

Process & Structure

Take a fleet with 5 cars and 10 people for example


Initiate and be responsible for the trip, who should be familar with route.


Record the whole trip by filming and photographying.

Financial accountant

Plan budget and gather suspense receipts in advance.


Maintain the order of the journey, book tickets for scenic spots and make the reservation for hotel.

Maintenance personnel

Handle the accidents or cars with faults. Maintenance personnel should be experienced driver. 

Upload and share photos

Decide when and where to go

Dispute about the route

Invite friends

Could not find companion

Prepare for the journey

Tired of driving

On the road

Change the plan temporarily

Enjoy the tirp and take photos

Sleep in hotel

Review the trip

*According to driving habits of drivers and road condition in domestic China, fleeting with over  5 cars is hard to maintain and thus should be devided into small group.

Car following model

Equipment: radar, camera, GPS

Monitoring surroundings through rader and adjust the cruise speed automatically.

Camera could monitor the lane marking and control the direction of the car.

Two cars exchange wireless signals through wireless device. When the former break, the later slow down immediately.

Product references

Wukong road trip App


• The information posted on the Internet might not be genuine.
• It is hard for passengers to filter the information.


Road trip forum

• Provide tourists with hotels and tickets of scenic spots.
• Assit tourist plan their tour.
• Drivers could call  for help.
• There is optional guided service.

• Functioned as a community which tourists could exchange their expericence and information.
• Initiators could release a trip and gather participants.

• Provide tourists with all equipments and service, including cars.
• It would recommand famous scenic spots to tourists.




• Car fans are experienced and could handle complex situation on the road.
• Tourists who have the same hobby often communicate well.

• Destinations and routes are fixed, and tourists have little choice.
• Tourists need to find their travel partners by themselves.





Information intergration

Interviewees: 10 drivers and 10 passengers are interviewed. Between which there are 12 of them have joined in self-driving journey for 5-10 times, and 5 people

资源 2_4x.png

UX map

Driver/ Initiator

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Target users

Tourists who do not have a car.

Tourists who could not find partners.

Tourists who love to share and make acquaintance with different people.

Design concept

    I want to design an app, on which users could call on trip participants. It could maximine the efficiency of car usage in a trip, and be eco-friendly. It also can make all participants enjoy themselves more in a trip because they can meet new friends during the journey. 
    Users who do not own a car can also join different trips on this app and get hitch-hike. So this app can help them fulfill their desire to do a road trip.


Information structure


User flow

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App interface design

Color Palette


Font Book

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