Most of the pet furniture on the market is separate product, not organically combing with other furniture, which results in a lot of space waste. Pets that do not have their own exclusive space for activities are more likely to damage the owner’s furniture. And the existing pet space does not give pets a unique sense of belonging and security.


This project is originally inspired by the problem of pets not getting enough space in the car. Pet owners may put their pets in the rear seat, occupying the entire row of chairs, or under the seat at the feet of people, which is definitely not comfortable for the pet.

In the post-design, I extended this situation to the family, with the sofa as the interactive core, so that people and pets can not only have their own independent space, but also communicate with each other closely. In families, pets often suffer from depression and anxiety due to lack of privacy, and they are likely to cause damage to the owner's original furniture.


Love of small space, digging and burrowing is an instinctive behavior of dogs and cats, and the best way to deal with it is to accept it and provide pets with a designated area of activity, preventing pets from causing damage to the owner’s living space because their original nature can not be released.


In the sketch stage, according to the requirements of function and usage obtained from the previous research, the Carpet appliances under different usage scenarios were designed respectively for different environments, and the shape, overall size, style and function of the sofa were determined.

Final Design

Tilted at 98 degrees, the back of the chair provides the best sitting posture

Woven fabric for sofa surface, suitable for human body.

Curved holes, providing entertainment.

Bayeta, warm and comfortable rest space for pets.

450mm high. Adequate space for pets.

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