We has come up with a solution that combines UAVs with panoramic cameras, a combination of the advantages of panoramic cameras and drones, allowing panoramic cameras to enter dangerous or unknown locations that are not normally accessible to humans, so as to obtain scientific research information or topographic information.


Using the eight directions of Brainstorm discussed in Delft Design Guide, we analyzed the potential functions of UAV and panoramic camera from eight aspects, and after such a brainstorm, we came up with a lot of design conjectures. We also made use of the KJ Diagram to organize our ideas produce by brainstorming, so as to find a feasible design scheme.

Problem finding

We finally focus on cave exploration. At present, there are two unsolved pain points in cave exploration:


First, the exploration is highly risky. The information of species, geographic shape, gas content, temperature and humidity in unknown caves is uncertain.

Second, in many cases, the exploration needs to be carried out in person, relying entirely on manpower, which is a waste of human resources.


So we try to install panoramic cameras and infrared night vision technology into UAVs to enable them to carry out the mission of cave exploration. Panoramic camera can take pictures of places where people can not enter, and even scan and build a 3D digital model of the cave, which provides strong support for scientific research and exploration.

Digital model

Two panoramic cameras which will scan and build a 3D digital model of the cave.

The carbon fiber ultra-light material is applied to the fuselage, with the ferrous metal paint sprayed on the surface. Its outline is compact and portable.

There is a guardrail outside the rotor to prevent it from crashing or harming any creature.

There are six rotors in total to increase the flight dynamics.

Scaled model

We built 3D model in Solidworks and made a scaled-down solid model by using the 3D printer. After printing, polishing, layering spray painting and other procedures, we finally completed the model, and published the project at the end of the term.

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